What is Artist Sourced?

Artist Sourced is a fine art printing shop that focuses on giving artists the ability to sell high quality prints from multiple different paper options at a low cost for a typical print on demand service. We aim to be able to pay artists the highest percentage possible on all prints, and look to find ways to source the best methods to distribute their work possible. We also provide bulk printing and specialized printing services on request.


Are Artist Sourced prints Giclée? How are they printed?

While they are, giclée prints are defined as generally inkjet printed fine art prints. This doesn't set the bar very high, as even extremely low quality printers could technically make "giclée" prints that aren't very great, and the term has no warrant of quality. Our prints are made with a variety of different fine art papers hand selected by our artists themselves so that the recreations of their work can be the best they can be, and are printed using the latest Canon fine art printer that uses 12 pigment inks to produce color accurate, archival prints that can last for generations. The prints are bordered on each side and most artists are using our standard size printing options, letting you purchase from multiple artists who use different artwork dimensions while still getting standard formatted, same sized prints.

How are prints shipped/what are estimated shipping times?

All unframed prints are shipped in shipping tubes to ensure the prints safety. Although some prefer immediately flattened prints, there is currently no way for a large percentage of prints to get damaged, even in rigid flat mailers. To avoid damaging our artists work, we use shipping tubes that are practically never damaged in the delivery process. Flattening prints can take up to 30 minutes on heavy fine art paper, but is more than worth it to ensure your print arrives without any dents or bends. We aim to send out our orders on Monday through Friday within the following 2 business days and send out the weekends order by midweek. Any expedited orders are estimated to ship by the next day, and all domestic orders take approximately 2-3 days to arrive to their destination. We currently ship from New York City and packages can arrive within 2 days of ordering if in the tristate area. International packages shipping times can drastically change country to country, but average 2-4 weeks after processing if there are no custom delays.

All framed prints are shipped with edge protectors and in a perfectly snug box to ensure it's safety. While the frames are made with real glass, we insure all packages so that in the case of the glass being broken during shipping we can have another sent out to you immediately. Framed prints can take an extra 2 business days to process and frame, but are shipped with priority mail to cut transit time.

What are the different paper options offered for print on demand?

We offer several different paper options to guarantee our artists are able to find a surface texture that's perfectly fit to their style and artwork. The three most popular paper options we have on the site are:

  • Archival Luster: A semi-gloss paper that has a slightly pebbly, canvas textured surface. Most commonly used is Epson's Premium Luster paper which is one of the most popularly used papers for fine art prints. It's durability and resistance to finger prints and aging, along with it's incredible color gamut make it the most popular paper option on our site.
  • Archival Matte: Canon's Pro Premium Matte is our only used paper for this unless otherwise specified, as it's one of the only matte papers we've found that can accurately display an artwork's true color. It's an extremely smooth paper that translates very well for illustrators that are avoiding any gloss in their work.
  • Heavyweight High Gloss: While platinum printing is a slightly esoteric practice, we've found that Canon's Pro Platinum 300 GSM is an extremely heavyweight photo paper that is perfect for some 3D artists and photographers. It has an extremely smooth, high gloss finish, and uses ferrous oxalate reacting to platinum in the printing process to have a particular glow.

Other paper options are available during artist's onboarding consultation, but all of these paper options pay the best rates to artists while not conceding any print quality whatsoever. 


Are bulk orders or samples for artists available?

Yes! We offer bulk orders by need and have a variety of different papers and printing options that we can't include in our general print on demand services. For consultations for bulk orders or sample prints to be made, please contact info@artistsourced.com.

How much are artists paid?

As part of our dedication to pay artists the majority of the profits from their work, almost all of the print sales on our site pay out artists 70% of the sales price. Poster print sizes that are 2 feet or over pay 10% less because of increased shipping and distribution costs, and buying a print framed doubles the payout rate for the artist.

How does an artist apply for Artist Sourced?

While we currently are only accepting new artists by invitation of one of our current artists, you can contact info@artistsourced.com for a consultation. We try to constantly add new artists to the site and have no discrimination against amateur or smaller artists, and want to accept any artist that would like to use our services. The only reason we turn down artists is because we have added too many recently, if there is a copyright concern, or if their art could be considered offensive. We have a zero policy tolerance for any art theft, discriminatory art, or artwork depicting anything that could be interpreted as racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or transphobic. 

What is Artist Sourced Curated? How are these prints different than normal prints from Artist Sourced? Can I apply for it?

Artist Sourced Curated is our current project to increase print quality and collectability of prints during 2022. Starting in early January, we will be releasing one artists work in a limited quantity every 1-2 days, and will have the artists and which artworks they'll be releasing on our drop calendar, which can be found here:


These prints are made on the highest quality paper we can find for each artist, with most being Hahnemühle variants, canvas prints, and metal treated fine art papers. Unless stated they are borderless prints that are editioned on the back of the artwork and on the box. The box is printed with the artwork on the outside as well, and is wax sealed with the Artist Sourced logo, and the artwork details are attached on the outside of the box. It can remain sealed, or if treated well exist for generations.

What is your return policy?

We accept all returns within a 30 day period of the print being sent by return label, and do free resends of any prints lost in transit. Please contact customerservice@artistsourced.com for any help.